26 APR 2023

Peek into the World of XXRAY PLUS BROWN & SALLY



Uncover the inner workings of the ever-stoic BROWN and his charming best friend, SALLY! The two head off on their next adventure, entering the X-Ray machine to receive the dissected treatment.

XXRAY PLUS BROWN & SALLY gives the pair Jason Freeny’s iconic half-and-half stylization, revealing their anatomical structure. SALLY can be moved around—fitting perfectly on BROWN’s head or seated comfortably next to him. 

To commemorate this launch, we share some of our favorite moments from this pair of best friends in the official LINE universe!

SALLY’s Lost Identity?
Fans have long questioned if LINE FRIEND’s motif for SALLY. This adorable short was released to end the debate once and for all—SALLY’s identity is finally revealed.


A Birthday Mukbang
SALLY has been releasing a series of Mukbang videos—eating food on camera. In this episode, BROWN appears as a guest in celebration of Brown Day. Spot BROWN blushing, a once-in-a-blue-moon sighting


Just Hanging Out
SALLY and BROWN share a strong connection. SALLY shows affection for BROWN as an older brother figure in this reel, even as they go about their daily activities!



The two are often seen engaging in friendly banter while continuing to help each other out—a playfight relationship which is the central theme to their stories together.

Pre-orders for this adorable collectible on MightyJaxx.com will come with a special lenticular poster featuring this XXRAY style. 


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