23 JAN 2018

Panda Ink: Huat the Fuck (YIN) by Cacooca


To usher in the upcoming Lunar New Year with a bang, our 6-inch Panda Ink: Huat the Fuck is making his stunning return this auspicious occasion! To make it e(ight)xtra special and that much prosperous this twenty-EIGHTteen, we threw out Panda’s old skateboard and got him an 8-figure silver coin with a dog imprint being the Year of the Dog and silver being one of the lucky colours this year.
Albeit a simple design, this stylised panda illustration created by the very talented Cacooca was a challenge to make. Tasked to exude the familiar sketch marks in a 3D form was anything but easy but excluding that feature was also not an option we’d be satisfied with.


Fast forward to several releases later, Panda Ink: Huat The Fuck, was one of our most well-received figures from this series and to no surprises of course, its a hot favourite amongst the staff here at Mighty Jaxx as well. Inspired by the famously known Fortune Cat, Cacooca’s panda was stylised with a pinch of attitude for collectors all over who just wants to give the bringer of bad luck the finger.

For this release, we have Huat the Fuck (YIN—which also means silver in mandarin). Being one of the lucky colours this year, we took the opportunity to give the figure a simple and sleek monochrome outlook for fans who want a piece of that good luck but doesn’t want to compromise on their love for anything and everything greyscale.

Aside from the fact that the number 8 has long been regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture, the pronunciation of it in mandarin—'Ba' sounds similar to another mandarin word 'Fa' which means to make a fortune. Now here's the punch: our Huat the Fuck Panda is also the very EIGHTH figure from our Panda Ink series! A coincidence you might think? Well maybe not but hurry add this lucky charm to your home today!

Panda Ink: Huat the Fuck (YIN) goes on sale this Saturday, January 27th, 10am EST.