16 JAN 2020

Our Favourite Alex Face Collections



We have had a really fruitful collaboration with Alex Face, from our first Baby Rabbit to our latest Storm Cat, his distinct designs make for some very unique collectible art toys! 

Don't just take our word for it, we've chosen 6 of our favourite Alex Face collections that we were tagged in on Instagram. Check them out: 

Collection 1

Look at how magnificent every single one of Alex Face's works look together in a group shot! From Baby Rabbit to Baby Beyond, and even the Platform 66 exclusive Thunder and Lightning Cat, collector Warut Kaiyawat's (@john_lotte25) collection is a marvel to behold!

Photo from @john_lotte25

Collection 2

White and pink, classic colours that work really well together! Axe's (@axe_exa00) picture of the two Baby Rabbits and a Baby Beyond shows how timeless this combination looks. Scroll through Axe's Instagram and you'll find Thunder and Lightning Cat too, among an incredible collection of toys!

Photo from @axe_exa00

Collection 3

Runganan's (@rungananc) simple shot of the Platform 66 exclusive Thunder and Lightning Cat shows the special boxes these cats come in. Wouldn't Storm Cat look right at home with this pair? We certainly think so!

Photo from @rungananc

Collection 4

Trendy Gallery's (@trendygallery.popart) shot of the 3 Alex Face figures in front of his prints has us green with envy! Mardi just looks amazing in print, on a wall, or as a toy! 

Photo from @trendygallery.popart

Collection 5

Ahh... Baby Rabbit, the piece that started it all! Did you know we have 4 colourways of this special piece? And @daddy.hobby has them all! Including the elusive Baby Rabbit Pink! Wow!

Photo from @daddy.hobby

Collection 6

Toy and print come together again in this shot by @ningcorner0, featuring the black Baby Rabbit and the two kitties - Thunder and Lightning Cat. Storm Cat looks like he needs to be in this shot *wink*

Photo from @ningcorner0


Evident by these photos, Alex Face's designs are just so appealing. Show some love to these collectors by liking their posts and giving them a follow! While we only were able to feature 6 this time, be sure to check out Instagram for more amazing photos of Alex Face toys from collectors everywhere! 

Did you know? You could be featured too! Either as a repost of as part of our Mighty Fan Features series, all you need to do is tag us in your photos or with the hashtag #mightyjaxx

Whether you're a first time collector or long time fan, why not grow your collection with the limited edition Storm Cat by Alex Face?

Storm Cat by Alex Face is available for order on 18 Jan at 9am ET. $289 with free shipping worldwide.

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And don't forget to snap some photos and share it with us. We absolutely love looking at your collections!