7 APR 2020

Our 7 Favourite Cookie Monster Tweets



You probably already know Cookie Monster as a cookie, well monster. Always gobbling down more than a mouthful in mere seconds, but also sharing his love for cookies with his friends on Sesame Street.

His lovable disposition has made him one of the most iconic characters from the evergreen series. Cookie Monster has written a book, which we read through together HERE. But did you know Cookie Monster is also on Twitter? Sharing his little crumbs of wisdom and random thoughts, join us below and check out our favourite Cookie Monster tweets!

Think about it, the amount of money that would be saved on clean up just by having Cookie Monster there to clear all that cookie dough! Big savings for the city, and one happy Cookie Monster.

You'll never know when an opportunity to realise your dreams will present itself, sometimes it is the unlikeliest of situations like this one.

How could we not love this one! Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby meet Robert Irwin at the Australia Zoo and learn about kangaroo joeys. Click on the tweet above to watch the clip.

It has everything we love - cute animals? Check! Favourite Sesame Street characters? Check! One of Steve Irwin's children? Check!

We learnt a little about kangaroo joeys in the short clip, hopefully you will too!

Us too Cookie Monster, us too. But watching Cookie Monster eat cookies? We checked, its cardio levels of heart rate! Cookie Monster should consider doing a mukbang video.

Cookie Monster does meal prep?! We can't imagine why. He's already in top cookie eating form!

But also, this tweet is insanely relatable. We just have no self control around food. Can you blame us? Food isn't meant for sitting around, it is meant for eating!

In this tweet, Cookie Monster visits a gallery. And while we don't learn about art with him, Cookie Monster learns what not to do in a gallery.

Cookie Monster is a responsible citizen too, ready to right his wrong. Be like Cookie Monster! Know that you'll make mistakes and always be ready to learn from them.

Cookie Monster wishes his pal Oscar The Grouch a happy birthday in this one. Cookie Monster might have monster in his name, but he's clearly not a mean one! Caring, lovable, and oh so adorable, a friend in Cookie Monster is a friend like no other.

Be sure to check out our XXRAY Plus Oscar the Grouch too, along with our favourite Oscar the Grouch moments HERE.

Monday motivation indeed! We already knew Cookie Monster is one wise cookie from our blog post HERE, and in this tweet he dishes out more crumbs of wisdom.

We might not always get to control what life throws at us, but we should do what we can to adapt to the circumstances. Just look at Cookie Monster, his cookie crumbled, but he still got to eat it!


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