7 FEB 2020

Our 5 Favourite Cartoon Frenemies



This week, we are dropping No Companion: Trust No One by Abell Octovan. A recognisable cricket trapped in a deathly grip, with an equally recognisable finger flipping it off. 

While sure, your conscience isn't exactly a friend, but it inspired us to think about our favourite cartoon frenemies. Characters who are friendly with each other but have a dislike or rivalry. Check out the Mighty Jaxx list of our 5 favourite cartoon frenemies below!

Tom & Jerry

Image: Warner Brothers

A game of cat and mouse, quite literally! Tom and Jerry lit up our childhoods with their shenanigans. Tom hatching elaborate schemes to catch Jerry only to be bested every single time.

Although it's not often we see Tom not chasing Jerry, some times they're friends too! Quoting Warner Brothers "It's not often to see Tom not chasing Jerry, but when Tom & Jerry are friends, they are the best of friends!"

And we don't doubt them! Just check out the compilation video below, Tom & Jerry quite possibly are our favourite frenemies!

This Academy Award-winning cat and mouse duo also celebrates their 80th anniversary this year, in 2020. Can you believe it, 80 years of chasing each other around!? This has got to be one of the most iconic cartoon friendship. Tom Wouldn't it be pretty cool if the next No Companion piece was Jerry in Tom's claws? Or maybe, in a weird twist, Tom in Jerry's grasp!

Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck

Image: Warner Brothers

The iconic Looney Tunes duo, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, are the best of friends and also the worst of enemies! Their banter and mischief was a big part of our childhoods here, never failing to bring a smile to our faces.

In fact, we loved the Looney Tunes so much we made a series of XXRAY figures based off these iconic characters!

Always silly, but never dull, Bugs and Daffy flip from working together in one moment to trying to undo each other in the next. Check out this hilarious and infamous hunting season poster clip below. It's quite the rollercoaster relationship but one we can never grow tired of!

Spongebob, Patrick, &

Image: Nickelodeon

Who doesn't love the cartoon that has given us so many memes! Spongebob's braying laughter, Patrick's unawareness, and Squidward's general disdain has brought so much joy to people all around the world.

The trio never fails to deliver. It's a wonder how Squidward finds the will to wake up everyday. A good 90% of his interactions with Spongebob and Patrick are of him being annoyed and angry at them.

Despite that, the trio are regularly helping each other out. Like in the clip below, Squidward puts together the ragtag group to form a band. Hilarity ensues and it gives birth to arguably one of the best moments in Spongebob history - the Sweet Victory performance.

Perry the Platypus & Dr Doofenshmirtz

Image: Disney

Not gonna lie, we did not think a Disney cartoon would be on this list! Phineas and Ferb has got to be one of the best cartoons to grace our TV screens, with their crazy experiments regularly blowing our minds and sister-who-has-it-out-for-them, to their secret agent pet - Perry the Platypus!

Perry the Platypus escapes every episode to foil Doofenshmirtz's schemes - kinda like how Candace tries with her brothers. But where Candace fails, Perry succeeds! Often with great comedic effect.

Perry and Doofenshmirtz's relationship is quarrelsome in nature but the two definitely care for each other. We'll let the clip below do the talking!

Homer Simpson & Ned Flanders

Image: FOX

The longest-running primetime scripted series - The Simpsons! Homer Simpson loathes his well-meaning neighbour Ned Flanders, seemingly out of jealousy of the quality of Ned's life he could only hope to attain.

Homer and Ned have a love-hate relationship. Ned's selfless tolerance of Homer sometimes makes him Homer's best friend, but mostly Homer treats him with general disregard. Despite Homer's loathing for Ned, some episodes of the Simpsons seem to show Homer genuinely caring for Ned.

Plus, they obviously have terrific chemistry together! We'd love to see a whole episode of Homer and Ned being bounty hunters.


Abell Octovan's No Companion: Trust No One debuts on 8 February for
The No Companion series explores irony in friendship, Trust No One is the first of the series.

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