5 NOV 2020

Operation Stoolpigeon (feat. Friendly Fire Infiltrator)



Your performance over past missions have truly impressed the top brass. After your successful capture of the Melting Missile, command has hand picked you to be the first to use our new top secret weapon: Friendly Fire Infiltrator.

The all black base exterior allows for easy customisation to fit into enemy strongholds. The enemy uses different colours to differentiate access levels, with green being the highest. Friendly Fire Infiltrator has been customised with a bright green to fit into this theme, allowing you to infiltrate the deepest parts of the enemy organisation.

Your mission is to capture as much data about their attack plans. Word on the grapevine is that they are planning to attack our base with a newly developed weapon, and we need to know what we are in for.

When you've completed your task, park the Friendly Fire Infiltrator in the enemy's armoury and set the built in TNT to detonate. You'll have 15 minutes to get as far from the blast zone as you can.

Your mission begins on 7 Nov, 9am EST. Good luck.

8" Polystone Art Toy // $169 with free shipping

Friendly Fire Infiltrator by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny

Friendly Fire Infiltrator by Jason Freeny

169.0 USD