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15 MAR 2023

What the Way You Eat Gummi Bears Says About Your Personality



Witness the birth of a gummi bear—from a tiny, translucent fetus to a fully-formed candy treat in a bold striking Cherry Red! Jason Freeny’s original illustration Immaculate Confectionary: Gummi Fetus returns to Mighty Jaxx.

Designed as a scientifically accurate medical model, this collectible is cast in a translucent premium polystone material imitating the look and feel of an actual gummi bear! 

Gummi bears are like tiny little gems of joy, especially as a kid. Over time, we’ve developed our own preferred ways of eating them—here are some of the common ones and what they reveal about your personality!

Body-first: The Aesthetician

These gummi bear consumers bite off the body first, leaving the head behind. Why? They love the look of a standalone head, the contours, the expression, everything—a true purveyor of art. 

Head-first: The Secret Sadist

You’ve heard of headless chickens but what about headless gummi bears? These consumers love the power trip from leaving the little bears directionless… moments before they finish the rest of the body up!

Suck-and-chew: The Rule Abider

If there was a right way to eat gummi bears, this would be it. A methodological approach to gummi bear eating, these consumers wait for the features to melt in their mouth before chewing to maximize the extraction of flavor!

Chew-only: The Gummi Speedster 

On the flip side, these types of gummi bear consumers value speed over quality—chewing each gummi bear whole before jumping on to the next one. 

No matter how you choose to eat your gummi bears, you’ll definitely enjoy the pristine appearance of the Immaculate Confectionary: Gummi Fetus (Cherry Red Edition); a perfect desktop companion!

6” Head to Toe Polystone Art Toy
9.8” with Removable Base
Limited Edition of 300
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