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20 MAR 2020

Things For Toy Collectors To Do While On Quarantine



So you're stuck at home, the days start to blend together and the minutes feel like hours. Find yourself thinking "What can I do at home?" more and more? Short of holding a communal sing along from your balcony, we have some suggestions for toy collectors on what you can do while you stay home!

1. Clean Your Toy Collection

You probably blamed work for making you too tired to ever properly clean your collection. Well, now that's no longer a reason! You know, because you're home everyday and all.. 

So damp that cloth and start wiping! Get rid of all that accumulated dust on your toys and display cabinets. Use a paintbrush to really get into the hard to reach areas like joints. Careful not to use too much alcohol, you might smudge the paint of your precious vinyl toys!

2. Change Up Your Display

Photo by Kay Mason

If your display hasn't changed in years, you might feel like it has gotten stale. Toys never get stale, but looking at them in the exact same spot for ages can get a little boring. Switch it up with a rearrangement! Colour code, mix-and-match! 

Need some advise on how you can rework your displays? Check out Kay Mason's tips on how to display your toys in the 2 part series HERE and HERE.

You might not be able to head out and buy new shelves or accessories, or you just might not be keen on spending on such items in times like this. Take this opportunity to give yourself a challenge, how much of your living space can you integrate into your collection? How can you repurpose what's already in your homes to suit your display needs?

3. Dabble In Toy Photography

Photo by _brobwie

Everyday we get tagged in a myriad of photos on Instagram and we love looking at all of them. From the meticulously framed and arranged, to the clean and minimal ones. You don't need a fancy camera to start, your phone camera is a good place to start off on.

 Make use of your time to do some creative photography with your toys. Create unique settings, learn some editing tricks, and be sure to tag us in your photos using #mightyjaxx and we might repost it on our account!

4. Read About Toys

You're already doing it right now!

Make it part of your routine to check out the Mighty Jaxx blog for more reads on collectible toys. We publish 2 blog posts every week so why not spare 5 minutes of your day for a quick read and maybe learn a thing or two.

5. Plan For More Toys

With releases still going on from many companies, perhaps it is time to start planning new additions into your collection. Search out your favourite new drops and think about how to integrate them into your display; maybe even plan out a new mini collection of "purple colour only toys".

If you do decide to buy toys during this time, do know that Mighty Jaxx is taking extra steps to disinfect all orders before we ship them out. Deliveries might take a little longer than expected due to supply chain slow downs worldwide, but we will do all we can to ensure your order reaches you as fast as possible.

6. Name Your Toys

Photo by Pyron Tan

It might sound silly but it makes your toys a little more special! Don't like the name "Bathing Ducky" that we've called the toy? Give it a unique name that you like and maybe build a personality for it if you please.

Human sounding names or funny names, there's nothing stopping you! Call that duck "Duck Sauce" if you want, we won't judge!

7. Custom Your Toys

Always wanted to try out making your own custom toy? Now's you have the chance to! Pull up a Youtube tutorial video and grab a toy you're comfortable trying out on, you just might create something truly unique.

Afraid of things going awry? Get creative with household items and band them together for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind "toy" like in the picture above. Ha! Creativity knows no bounds.


Most importantly in this time, be sure to take care of yourself. Always practice good hygiene, wash your hands with soap, and see a doctor if you're unwell. Don't go to work and stay home if you need to.

Remember to be kind to one another. We're all in this together, and together we can get through this. Stay healthy!


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