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17 FEB 2021

The Maiden joins Picky Eaters



Get ready for a picky chow time! Picky Eaters by Po Yun Wang returns with a new kitchen crew - The Maiden! She’s the first female to join the line up of unhygienic chefs, and we can’t wait to see how she shake things up!  

Available 20 Feb 2021, 9am EST for 24-hours only!

Don’t be fooled by her dainty appearance. She may have her ginger hair tied up in neat pigtails, wear a demure stripy blue dress, but her hygiene habits are definitely far from lady-like. But hey, they said ignorance is bliss! What goes on in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen.


No greens for life, except boogers

Just like the rest of the Picky Eaters, she’s picky about her food. Picking her nose with her pinky finger, the only greens that she's willing to go for are the ones in her nostrils. That's not the only open secret that this maiden keeps though...


What is she hiding behind her back?!

The Maiden is a veteran in the kitchen, and a warrior on the keyboard. She has a deathly grip on a little blue bird that has been making jabs at her online, showing she’s got everything under control. No nasty remarks will put her in a bad mood, only bad food will! While you might be as tempted as we are to remind her about practicing proper hygiene (but really, keeping boogers away from your food is the basics), we feel the need to give you a friendly reminder - don’t mention anything about her hygiene to her, or you might be the next chicken getting roasted.


She’s always busy picking her nose

Jokes and tweets aside, we are stoked to introduce some new hand gestures and unique elements for this latest member on the Picky Eaters roster. The Maiden is always busy.


When she’s not busy dealing with little blue birds, she can be found holding a bag of food from a rival food chain, scratching her bum wondering what’s for her next meal, or crossing her fingers to wish her frienemies a good roast! Take a closer look at the 4 interchangeable hands - this snooty lady sure has a bag full of tricks! In addition to that, we are also celebrating this launch with a complimentary 12” x 12” handkerchief that comes with every purchase of Picky Eaters: The Maiden, so that you can keep your food booger-free! Keep following our Instagram to find out what it looks like!

If you love these plump and adorable characters inspired by famous faces, you might want to read our interview with the artist Po Yun Wang! Being the 3rd character in the series, following The Clown and The Grandpa, we are certain that this girl will be an amazing add on to your chubby Picky Eaters collection!

Credit: Po Yun Wang

Oh, and if you wanna see The Clown in the flesh, you're in for a treat. Check out just how good the Maiden's fellow Picky Eater looks in our previous unboxing video of
Picky Eaters: The Clown!


Picky Eaters: The Maiden by Po Yun Wang will be dropping on on Saturday, 20 Feb, at 9 A.M. EST. Remember to download the Mighty Jaxx App on Google Play or the App Store to get a notification when it’s available, so that you won’t miss its arrival!

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