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15 AUG 2019

The Anatomy of Balloon Dog



Attention collectors and puzzle enthusiasts! The highly sought after Balloon Dog Anatomy is back in a brand new colourway! If you’re a lover of the Freeny’s dissected collectibles and want to expand your collection, you do not want to miss out on the return of this beloved piece. 

Standing at 8” tall, it comes with 26 fully-detachable organs and body parts to be assembled – forming a highly detailed visible skeletal system within the iconic canine. Let's take a look!

The Skeletal Parts

The skeleton is essential to any anatomy, it protects the organs from any sort of trauma and is the body's armour - sorta. Fun fact! Balloon Dog's ears are actually part of its skull! #themoreyouknow Fun(ner) Fact! The skeletons in this Balloon Dog GLOW!

The Organs

It might be a balloon animal but he has organs too! Normal bodily functions apply to this dog animal, and yes everything from digestion to defecation, this dog does it all. What does Balloon Dog eat you ask? Balloon meat of course! Please don't ask how we know that...

 Green Light or Whatever

Also, have we already told you that it glows??

'Cos it does! And what a beautiful green glow it exudes! Need help assembling your Balloon Dog Anatomy (Glow-In-Dark Edition)? We've made a little video to guide you along, watch it HERE on our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe. 


Balloon Dog Anatomy (GID Edition) by Jason Freeny gets glowing this Saturday, 17 August 2019 at 9am ET on! Get it for US$79 with FREE shipping worldwide, Balloon Dog Anatomy (GID) is available IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP!

*** PLUS ***

With every purchase of ANY Jason Freeny toy - including the all new Balloon Dog Anatomy (GID Edition) - you can purchase Jason Freeny enamel pins for $10 only! Simply add the pin to cart and the discount will be automatically applied! Pins are in stock and ready to ship!

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