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17 JUN 2017

Super Kaiju Corps: A terri-FRY-ing abomination is born!



Set in a chaotic parallel universe where injustice prevails, Super Kaiju Corps are a gang of misfits struggling to find their place in this disorderly world. Tempura-San leads a pretty ordinary life running a humble tempura stall in Tokyo, earning just enough to get by. Then came an unfortunate day in little Tempura-San’s life, his world was upturned by a freak accident involving a nuclear waste truck that left him physically deformed. Underneath his hideous appearance, Tempura-San is but a fragile and harmless creature. 

Tempura-San most recently debuted at Thailand’s Toy Expo in May in an exclusive clear vinyl form and is now available in its original colour way at in a limited edition of only 88 pieces worldwide!

We are all sold out of our very first kaijin creation from Super Kaiju Corps series. 

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