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4 DEC 2021

Smell Fresh With Siu Meow Scent by Nyan Sum



Return to the world of Nyammy Treats with a Siu Meow Kitten and experience it through the sense of smell. Transport yourself into a world of rolling metal carts leaving rising clouds of steam in their wake and swoon in the embrace of a diffusion of savory aromas. Don’t just smell good, smell food.

With only just a whiff, the collectible Siu Meow Scent by Nyan Sum will have everyone around you going “you’re siu meow type”.

Designed In Collaboration With Oo La Lab

Oo La Lab is a craft fragrance lab where perfume ingredients are stored in small batches and hand-poured to order. Together, we went through many different variations of the scent mixing different ingredients to get it smelling just right as siu mai. You can read about crafting scents on the Oo La Lab blog here.

Siu Meow Scent

The end product is a vegan scent reminiscent of the delicious pork dumpling. A perfect combination of oriental freshness and a savory edge, a woody fragrance designed to be worn by all.

Unique Siu Meow Glass Bottle

The Siu Meow Scent is specially packaged in a one-of-a-kind collectible Siu Meow bottle. Designed after the ultra-rare Siu Meow Kittens from the Nyan Sum collection, this bottle is as much a collectible as the blind box toy. Don’t dispose of it when you’ve finished the scent, just wash it out and have it displayed instead!

Siu Meow Scent

Available From 8 Dec 2021

This festive season, gift your friends and loved ones a gift like no other. In a world of No. 5, Sauvage, and Flower, be different with the collectible Siu Meow Scent by Nyan Sum.

20ml Eau di msum // $69 per bottle // Ships worldwide

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Siu Meow Scent by Nyan Sum

Nyan Sum

Siu Meow Scent by Nyan Sum

69.0 USD

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