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26 JUN 2020

Power Up with Kaiju's Ramen



14 months ago, the world went awww when Kaiju came ashore with a cute little bowl of ramen. Those "aww"s quickly turned to "ahhhh!"s when Kaiju started breaking buildings and grabbing people, adding them to his monster sized ramen.

It has been 14 months since the world quaked with terror at the hands of a ramen touting Kaiju. Cities have been rebuilt, and people have moved on... but in that time, Kaiju's Ramen lay stewing in the deepest depths of the ocean, simmering in a vast nuclear pit.

About 2 weeks ago, an unmanned submarine snapped this picture that sent fear tingling down the spines of scientists and governments everywhere.


It was the first sighting of Kaiju, with a clear radioactive warning! As governments scrambled to evacuate coastal cities, Kaiju has been swimming at top speeds through the oceans.

Kaiju's Ramen has already been garnished with the fresh cries and powdery concrete of one of the world's greatest cities. That devastation has confirmed one thing... Kaiju's Ramen has got a nuclear power up that gives him a deathly blue glow.


More dangerous than before, but every bit as cute still, this powered up Kaiju has been dubbed Nuclear Edition. His journey is being closely monitored by scientists everywhere and is set to make landfall on Mighty Jaxx on 27 June, 9am EST.

Are you prepared for his arrival? Terror has never looked this cute!

Kaiju's Ramen (Nuclear Edition) by Ilustrata is available for order on 27 June, 9am EST on

$179 with free shipping // 7.5" Vinyl Art Toy // Glows-in-the-Dark

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