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13 JUN 2019

Music to Keep In Your Heart



True love is transcendent, true love is eternal, and true love in undefinable. This week, our debut collaboration with artist Matt Bailey drops - Keep Me In Your Heart

Most of my work centres around a combination of skeletons and women. In this piece, I wanted to evoke a sense of the two having a deep connection to each other. Anything more than that is up to the viewer to decide.
Matt Bailey on Keep Me In Your Heart

Mixtapes used to be a way to profess your feelings for someone, but as technologies evolved, the practice has sort of waned. In the spirit of this week's release, we decided to put together a playlist of songs for your listening pleasure, inspired by the romanticism of Keep Me In Your Heart

Te deseo, cariño, boy, it's you I desire

Remember floating on lakes of evergreen, So much love and disarray

This is my promise, cross my heart promise, this is all yours

We created a shareable playlist on Spotify specially for you and your friends, featuring The Smiths and more. Give it a listen and share it around! 

Keep Me In Your Heart by Matt Bailey drops on 15 June at 9am ET! The 8" polystone designer toy will be available for US$250 with free shipping worldwide. Experience a romance like nothing before with Keep Me In Your Heart by Matt Bailey on
Keep Me In Your Heart by Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey

Keep Me In Your Heart by Matt Bailey

Sold out

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