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19 MAR 2020

#MJShelfieGiveaway Winners List



It's been 3 weeks since we kick started the #MJShelfieGiveaway and now, it is time to announce the winners! With over 600 entries into the giveaway and as many incredible photos, we had a hard time selecting our favourites! 

Want to take a look at the entries? Click HERE

Need a refresher on the prize categories? Check out this post! Also, a big shout out to Kay Mason and for sharing her tips on how to display your toy collection. Have yet to read them? What are you waiting for! Read both parts HERE and HERE. Apply those tips and give your collection a level up!

Without further ado, let's check out the winning posts of the #MJShelfieGiveaway!

$200 Mighty Jaxx Voucher & Events Exclusive XXRAY Clear Glitter Elmo

Winner: @megan.makes.stuff

The winner of our top prize, as selected by our display guru Kay Mason. The mix of prints, toys, and plants on the open shelves quite literally brings more to this collection. The colours of everything on these shelves complement each other and makes for a really pleasing display. Interestingly, Megan has this display in her kitchen, talk about interesting kitchen set ups!

$100 Mighty Jaxx Voucher & Events Exclusive XXRAY Clear Glitter Elmo

Winner 1: @superslt

This entry of tokidoki figures mounted on a wall put a smile on our faces! Using mini shelves and arranged by colour, it is quite the perfect display. Almost like a tokidoki pantone chart! Making for quite the unique wallpaper, we bet this wonderful collection is a talking point whenever she has guests around.

Winner 2: @shawnwkk

Shelves, lighting, and size don't just make a collection. Curation goes a long way too in making things look as desirable as Shawn's collection of Be@rbrick figures. The iconic silhouette is carefully arranged by design, colour, and finish in this display. Every piece is accentuated by a nice warm light, drawing attention their unique finishes and different designs.

$50 Mighty Jaxx Voucher & Events Exclusive XXRAY Clear Glitter Elmo

Winner 1: @mun_monroy

Edmundo's entry might look blurry in this screenshot but that because it is a cute little stop motion video! We love the creativity put into this entry and the adorable faces of our favourite I Will Never Le(t)go piece will always melt our hearts.

Winner 2: @brensartnstuff

A very pleasing photo to look at! Bren's collection of Funko POPs look absolutely stunning, cleverly utilising acrylic stands to maximise shelf space and capturing it with the beautiful glow of natural light. Funko POPs never looked this good!

Events Exclusive XXRAY Clear Glitter Elmo

Winner: @joshmayhem1

Mystery XXRAY Figure

Winner 1:

Winner 2: @jmgilbert20

Winner 3: @xkinkikidx

Winner 4: @absolutemono

Winner 5: @mori_dai03


If your entry is in this post, keep a look out in your DMs, we'll be in touch! Be sure to keep tabs on our social media accounts for more exciting giveaways and to stay up to date with our awesome releases!

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