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10 JUN 2017

Mighty Jaxx Originals: Whatshisname's balloon dog returns naughtier than ever



London-based artist Whatshisname attempts to bring contemporary art to a commonplace of public life with his take on everyday subjects like in his previous work— POPek The Squatting Balloon Dog. By giving the typical pop art piece a new lease of life, he aims to encourage the practice of regenerating popular and perhaps, overused ideas, avoiding conformation to common approaches on subjects.

Following the success of his pooping dog sculpture, the artist is back with yet another puppy on his leash taking a piss instead of a dump this time— PEEpek The Peeing Balloon Dog. Standing proudly at 8” tall, this cheeky addition coloured in bright red is bound to liven up the mood in any mundane space!

Limited to PEEpek by Whatshisname can be found here.

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