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13 MAY 2017

Mighty Jaxx Originals: Vomit Kid by Okeh World Wide Release


"Vomit Kid started from an idea that my artworks are a mere discharge of the filth contained in my head. Some may find them beautiful while others don’t but the world itself is already filled with dirt on the hands of many individuals. I have to keep discharging and working on my art even if I do not want to do so. Vomit Kid is a reflection of both my being and what the world is to me." - OKEH

Actively influenced by the punk rock and skateboard art and design of the 70s and 80s, the South Korean Artist OKEH has been working as a graphic designer and art director for street wear brand "Buried Alive" for about 9 years from 2006 to 2014. Since then, he has co-founded Palindrome Studio with graphic designer Nam Moo-hyeon, which specialise on branding, art directing, and graphic design.

Measuring 8" tall, the Vinyl Art Collectible features a gnarly glow in the dark puke and is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide here.

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