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3 MAR 2017

Mighty Jaxx Originals: Backpack 'Invisible Edition' by Alex Pardee



As the story continues from the blossoming friendship of PACK & BACK, the duo discovered their very first buried treasure together—a cache of coins belonging to the 'Hidden Stash Of The Bogmen'. These legendary coins are said to be enchanted with an exceptionally strong disillusionment charm, rendering the finder (or finders in this instance) invisible to onlookers.

While some historians believe that the ‘Hidden Stash Of The Bogmen’ is plagued with a deadly curse, it seems as though the pair has been having a really good time so far. They managed to use the power of invisibility to their advantage and discovered many more ancient artifacts along the way. By passing this coin along to you, the best of friends hope to pass on their amazing luck as well! The Backpack 'Invisible Edition' by Alex Pardee is now available here

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