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25 SEP 2020

Mighty Fan Features: Alfredo



September's Mighty Fan Feature is a little different, say hello to Alfredo and his cat Steven! We really love our cats here at Mighty Jaxx, which made us all fall head over heels for his posts! If you aren't familiar with them already, be sure to check out his Instagram account @kaijusteven.

Just look at Alfredo's impressive collection! We can't wait to learn more about the collector, join us below!

 How long have you been collecting for?

5 years!

How many Mighty Jaxx pieces do you have in your collection? Which is your favourite?

Not counting color variants, I have 14 pieces. My favorite is Washizu by James Jean.

Which Mighty Jaxx toy do you consider your holy grail?

My holy grail is probably the Washizu, but I also really like my BMO XXRAY signed by Jason Freeny!

How do you curate your collection?

I either buy pieces from things I really enjoy (Adventure Time, Lego) or when I'm blown away by pieces that I never knew existed such as Jason Freeny's Foo Dogs.

What makes a piece a "must have" for you?

That piece usually has a great reference to something that I love. As an aspiring toy designer myself, I consider the craftsmanship of the piece as well as the concept itself.

Which Mighty Jaxx piece are you looking forward to most?

As a big Jason Freeny fan, his Melting Missile looks amazing!

Tell us your Mighty Jaxx story!

When I first saw the 4D Gummi Bear by Jason Freeny, I immediately fell in love and was obsessed with collecting all the color variations. That's when I discovered Mighty Jaxx and started keeping track of all upcoming releases and slowly grew my collection.

In 2019 I went to my first toy festival in Brooklyn (Five Points Festival) and that's where I came across another one of my favorite artists, Juce Grace and his awesome Maneki-Dino.

The last piece that I bought was Toshi Neko Nekoro, that is the perfect mix of two things that I deeply love, Ghibli and cats!

Last year, while attempting to take pictures of my collection, my cat Steven kept photo-bombing every time I snapped a pic, and that's when the concept of Giant Cat vs Designer Toy (@KaijuSteven) was born!

What excites me most about Mighty Jaxx products is the great collaborations they do with artists, their original concepts and high quality craftsmanship.


Follow Alfredo (and Steven!) on Instagram @kaijusteven

All images in this post have been graciously provided by Alfredo.

Want to be featured? Simply tag us in photos of your Mighty Jaxx collection and we might be in touch! You could also get reposted when you tag us, just use the hashtag #mightyjaxx or include us as tag in your photo.

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