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20 APR 2021

Meet Laura Marie and Party Bot: Spaced Out!



Meet Laura Marie! The champion of season 12 of tattoo contest series "Ink Master", artist, avid gamer, the creator of the adorable Party Bot, and of course, the newest artist on the Mighty Jaxx roster! While she's not the first tattoo artist whom we have worked with (we've got artists like Matt Bailey who had a recent drop with us too), her creation definitely brings a breath of fresh air to our collection of vinyl toys. This week, we proudly launch our first toy with Laura Marie based on Party Bot, an original character which she initially created for her niece. 

In a vibrant new-school style, we saw potential in Party Bot to become more than an illustration! In fact, Laura Marie herself even made a sculpt of Party Bot while stuck in quarantine. We have developed Party Bot: Spaced Out with Laura Marie, to be made into a 6" vinyl collectible, bringing a new dimension to this character with endless possibilities. 

This week, Ching from the Mighty Jaxx team got to interview Laura Marie to gain insights to her working process, inspirations and more! Join us in this video interview on YouTube and maybe even walk away with a Party Bot: Spaced Out by participating in the giveaway! Gotta hurry!

There’s a beauty in being lost. Lost in a foreign land, lost in your own thoughts; Things are just more interesting when you don’t know what to expect. Party Bot is a wanderer that doesn’t fear the unknown. Spaced out in his own universe, the little Party Bot is lost in deep thoughts. Where will his little space rocket take him next? We’ll see…

8" Vinyl Art Toy // $169 USD with Free Shipping Worldwide

New Artist Special: Get X2 VIP points (Mighty Coins) for each Party Bot: Spaced Out purchased within the first 24 hours of launch!

Party Bot: Spaced Out by Laura Marie launches Saturday, 24 April, 9am EST, on Early access for VIPs ranked Navigator and above starts 23 April, 9am EST. Remember to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletters to make sure that you don't miss out on any of our releases?

Party Bot: Spaced Out by Laura Marie

Laura Marie

Party Bot: Spaced Out by Laura Marie

169.0 USD

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