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29 NOV 2018

LUCKY! Maneki-Dino Red is here!



You must have heard of a legendary dinosaur that brings good luck to you in both real life and video games. Some of you have even managed to invite him to your home. Yes, it's the ever-green, forever-cute and 5-ever charming Maneki-Dino by Juce Gace!

However, dungeons and races won't be fun alone, right? So, we have brought along a new friend to accompany the classic Maneki-Dino OG! This week's release of Maneki-Dino Red Edition by Juce Gace is the second colorway for this handsome dinosaur, who is known to beckon good fortune! 

This Dino-in-red has a different body coloration pattern, with red paws and unique blue paw pads to match his blue eyes. The silver accessories that he carries around make this dino effortlessly cool and eye-catching. And not forgetting his happy little mushroom pet in striking blue and white to match – can't fight bosses with a boost of courage from friends! His soles are decorated with the characters "bliss" and "fortune", and that's exactly what he's going to ring in. This vinyl dino is one that you definitely wouldn't want missing from your collection!


Remember Maneki-Dino's Guide to Good Fortune? Now, Maneki-Dino Red has his own ways of making it rain. If you wanna heed some advice from this guru and put your luck to the test at the same time, here's your chance – Click THIS LINK to head to our Facebook page and participate in the fun little giveaway, and one truly lucky winner will bring home a Maneki-Dino Red, absolutely free! And even if you don't, we're sure that his little piece of advice will come in handy soon.


Maneki-Dino Red is an in-stock item and you will receive it this year if you order by 2 Dec 9pm ET. It's the peak holiday season so we strongly advice you to purchase early to receive it sooner!

Maneki-Dino Red Edition by Juce Gace releases 1 Dec 2018 (30 Nov for VIPs ranked Navigator and above) at 9am ET. Limited edition of 150 pieces only, gotta go fast!!

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