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20 JUN 2019

Lick Your Way Through the World of POPIKI



Dogs need to be walked so that they can get the exercise and mental stimulation they need. Don't keep them stuck at home where they'll get bored and depressed! See those boots in the corner? They're made for walking and that's just what they will do. So put them on and get your POPIKI dogs, and lets take a walk through the World of POPIKI together!

You're probably already familiar with most of the members in The World of POPIKI but the world has expanded and we feel it is time to revisit our adorable balloon friends one by one!


The pup that started it all - POPek! With glutes of steel and quad muscles stronger than a monster truck, the alpha of the pack can half squat for roughly forever minutes. 

Most recently seen defecating across the universe, POPek doesn't give a shit where he leaves his shit. 


Sometimes you just gotta go. Standing proud in his self made puddle, PEEpek heeds nature's call without hesitation.

Better out than in is what this dog believes in.  


 Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have nothing on these two lovedogs. The X-Rated pair single handedly ensures that our adorable balloon dogs don't face extinction. 

Check out this special sneak peek of what's to come with HUMpek! *wink*wink*

Happy POPek

The only one in the family that glows with happiness. Always ready to nose dive into playtime whenever it rolls his way. 

There's no time like happy time.


It's not all dogs in The World of POPIKI, an adorable balloon Pig calls it home too! Chubby and charming, PIGpek puts a smile on the faces of all his friends.

PIGpek's his name and chilling's his game.


The POPIKI dogs are supersized and have made The Cathay at Handy Road their home! Located in the heart of Singapore's arts district, the POPIKI statues leave their mark on the little red dot.

Read here to find out how these giants were made!

POPIKI Lifestyle

The POPIKI animals have invaded the fashion world! Bringing their signature fun hues and cheekiness, the POPIKI Lifestyle Collection adds a burst of colour and personality to all wardrobes! 

Check out the lookbook here!

Lick Balls

The latest entry into The World of POPIKI is the cheeky Lick Balls! Surprisingly flexible, Lick Balls has a secret talent in acrobatics but he only uses his flexibility for one thing and one thing only - to lick his private balloons.

There is no place you can't lick is what this dog believes. 

The World of POPIKI is created by London based artist Whatshisname. Using the delightful POPIKI designs he communicates ideas that words alone cannot. Making fine art more accessible, The World of POPIKI is playful take on the pop art style.

"The aim of my art is to express what cannot be expressed with words. I want to encourage the viewer to look at surrounding world and question it in derisive, unorthodox way." - Whatshisname

Lick Balls by Whatshisname drops this Saturday 22 June at 9am ET! The 6.3" vinyl toy is a fine addition to your POPIKI collection! Get it for US$129 with free shipping worldwide! *lick*

Every order of Lick Balls by Whatshisname made between 21-23 June 2019 enters you for a draw to win the *COMPLETE* POPIKI Lifestyle Collection for free! Winner will be contacted via email.

Shop The World of POPIKI HERE
Shop the POPIKI Lifestyle Collection HERE
Get Lick Balls by Whatshisname HERE

Lick Balls by Whatshisname


Lick Balls by Whatshisname

Sold out

POPek by Whatshisname (Galaxy Edition)


POPek by Whatshisname (Galaxy Edition)

Sold out

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