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24 OCT 2019

Journeying Sideways



Yoskay Yamamoto's Sideways is a dreamy looking piece, based on the custom piece from Yoskay's "Joke's On Me" exhibition. The sleepy looking square has become a fan favourite and we take a look back at all the colours this piece has ever been released in. 

From all the way back in 2013 to now in 2019, Sideways has graced us in different colours but always wow-ed us with its simple elegance. 


The original custom piece (above) of Sideways is a mixed media sculpture with hand carved base. Made of wood and approximately 8" tall, the piece debuted at Yoskay's "Jokes On Me..." exhibition held in 2012 at LeBasse Projects in Los Angeles. 

 This brings us to our first ever Sideways piece...


In a black and mint colourway, our first Sideways was casted out of resin and was a limited edition of 100 pieces only. Matching the figure's soft expression with a soft mint green colour and contrasting it with a gorgeous deep black gave the piece a distinct look that kept its dreamy melancholic vibe. 


The second colourway of Sideways was a SDCC exclusive colourway. A understated black and white colourway and casted in resin, the piece was a limited edition of 100 pieces. The softer hues of black and white match perfectly with the figure's soft and dreamy outlook. Plus, look at that adorable scarf! 


Next up is the mint colourway! Also casted in resin and a limited edition of 100 pieces only, this colourway was a STGCC exclusive. Expanding the soft mint green accent colour of the first colourway over the full figure, this mint colourway's softer tones give the figure a warm approachable outlook.

 Also in a soft shade is the Pink colourway of Sideways. Exclusive to NYCC and in a limited edition of 100, this Sideways wears a little blue underwear!


 The Designer Con colourway of Sideways features a subtle gradient finish on the figure's torso. From a light sky blue on its legs to a deeper almost purple hue to the top of his shirt, the Designer Con exclusive piece is predominantly white and is limited to 100 pieces only.

The first time we laid eyes on the gradient finishing of Sideways (Sunset Edition) we instantly fell in love. The first clear edition of the favourite toy is painted with a wash of violet-to-tangerine gradient and finally, finished with a matte frosted glass effect. 

And that brings us to the newest colourway of Sideways! Like it's sunset sibling, the all new Sideways (Sunrise Edition) is complete with a matte-clear gradient finishing. Capturing the tones of the beautiful sunrise, the cyan-to-orange gradient is truly a sight to behold. There's just something about the look of the figure with the colours of sunrise that makes it so much dreamier.

Didn't get to own any of the older Sideways pieces? Don't miss out on the all new Sideways Sunrise Edition this weekend! Details below!

Sideways (Sunrise Edition) by Yoskay Yamamoto shines onto on 26 October at 9am ET. 

Order it for $150 with free shipping worldwide. Sideways (Sunrise Edition) will ship from Mid-November 2019.

Click HERE to order!


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