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12 JAN 2023

Join the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons: Monster Parade by Ryogo Toyoda



Tokyo-based 3D illustrator Ryogo Toyoda launches his first collaboration with Mighty Jaxx—Monster Parade. Inspired by a traditional folklore, the Hyakki Yakō, the collectible features an adorable line up of supernatural entities (“yōkai”) marching their way through the streets of Japan at night!

Reimagined in Ryogo’s colorful, whimsical style, each yōkai has a personality and inspiration! Explore the world of monsters with us.

The Oni Soldiers

Front and center is the fearsome ogre-like Red Oni! Wearing samurai-style attire and wielding a large club, the monster is most certainly intimidating. 

Seated on his left shoulder is the Little Oni soldier, modeled after a bean. Donning a traditional Japanese hat, the Kasa, he is blowing into a conch which is traditionally used to signal the beginning of war. In this case, he is signaling the start of the Monster Parade!

The Chōchin-obake

To the right of the oni soldier is a paper lantern ghost—one of the more famous monsters in Japanese folklore. Made from bamboo and paper, the lantern has been discarded and abandoned after use, turning into a sad spirit. On the bright side, it’s found new friends, marching on in the Monster Parade!

The Purple Oni

Walking alongside the Red Oni soldier is the Purple Oni—an original character by Ryogo. He is the heartbeat of the parade, banging on the drums and keeping beat as the procession continues through the night. Permanently frowning, Purple Oni is always angry, making him a perfect match for his role!

The Hyakki Yakō

The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons is a popular Japanese folklore, where a parade of a hundred different yōkai march through the streets of Japan at night. It has inspired many Japanese artists throughout the years—beginning with depictions on scrolls.

The story that started this myth goes like this: A young nobleman was ordered to move from his house in Kyoto to the imperial court in Fukuhara. When he returns, he finds his house filled with a hundred yōkai–having a great party! He goes on to pray to Buddha and by dawn, the monsters scatter.

For one night only, the monsters own the streets of Japan. Are you in? Pre-order now and witness this epic procession. 

We also took Ryogo out on a tour of the Chinese Hell's Museum theme park at Haw Paw Villa, Singapore. Stay tuned for the video launching on our YouTube channel!

7” Vinyl + Polystone Base Art Toy
Limited Edition
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