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8 JUN 2022

Hell Chamber: The Phantom Knight, The New Incense Chamber by Rob Bowyer



On 11 June, a knight comes to Mighty Jaxx. Boasting an accurate likeness to Rob Bowyer's artwork "Kill Them All" comes Hell Chamber: The Phantom Knight.

Striking fear into the hearts of the enemy, under his armor, lies not a man but a reaper, collecting souls as his reward. Cast in high gloss painted porcelain, the incense chamber has a weathered grey palette and features a removable base for easy cleaning. Artfully placed openings allow smoke to rise out of the brawny silhouette, accentuating the ethereal look and feel of the incense chamber.

Take a closer look at the one-of-a-kind piece below!

High gloss porcelain.

Finished with a weathered grey palette.

Features a removable base for easy cleaning.

Hell Chamber: The Phantom Knight by Rob Bowyer drops on 11 June, 9 am ET. 

$249 with free shipping worldwide.

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