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26 OCT 2021

First Look At The Nyan à petit by Nyammy Treats



Nyan à petit Art Banner

The gastro-nyan-mical journey with Nyammy Treats continues! You’ve traveled to Hong Kong to meet the adorable kitties fused with dim sum, the Nyan Sum. You’ve traveled to Japan to greet the okashi fused Nyan Kashi, now get ready to head to the old continent to meet the Nyan à petit!

7 Kitties To Collect

The Nyan à petit collection consists of 7 different kitties to collect, all fused with our favorite French desserts. Whether you love the smell of fresh baguettes or the creaminess of delicious cream puffs, there’s a kitty here for you. With 6 regular characters, the last kitty is the parfait-inspired rare Le Miaou-fait, only a 1/24 chance of unboxing this kitty.

Le Miaou-fait

Keep tabs on the Nyammy Treats Instagram page for more details about each kitty, including (fictional) recipes on how to make kitty-inspired croissants, eclairs, and more!

Coming Soon, November 17

Can’t wait to sink your teeth into some kitty crêpes? Mark the date - November 17, 2021. The Nyan à petit can’t wait to meet you! Stay tuned for more release information and collection reveals over on the Nyammy Treats Instagram page.

Remember, in only the best patisseries and boulangeries will you find a Nyan à petit!

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