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25 AUG 2021

Firm Up Your Collection, The A Wood Awakening Way



From the lascivious mind of Juce Gace, everyone’s favorite marionette drops to his knees in A Wood Awakening: Inner Struggle. Revisit some of our favorite A Wood Awakening drops as you anticipate the new silhouette, plus find out how you could win the piece!

A Wood Awakening (Stay Home Edition) by Juce Gace
A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace (Stay Home Edition)

The one-and-only original! The little guy (and his little guy) started a worldwide obsession that spun out multiple colorways, each with its own unique spin. Getting comfy in his Stay Home edition, A Wood Awakening has on his jammies and prepares for a night in bed.

He is unbothered, upright, comfortable, in his lane, and flourishing.

A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Getaway Edition) by Juce Gace

Sometimes we need a helping hand. When life gets hard, A Wood Awakening Donkey calls on his BFF for a much-needed getaway! Greeted by soft white sand and dancing palm trees, the duo can hardly contain the excitement in their hearts and their pants! Shades? Check. Slippers? Check. Hawaiian prints? Double-check!

Love is in the air, A Wood Awakening has got his first real kiss! Weak in his knees, and completely lovestruck, our favorite marionette chills out in pink overalls with hearts all over. His pants bulging at the thought of his first kiss.

A Wooden Awakening: Inner Struggle by Juce Gace
A Wood Awakening: Inner Struggle by Juce Gace

Telling lies? There is no escaping the stiffening! A Wood Awakening watched his nose grew the first time he told a fib, frightened, he dropped to his knees and pushed it all the way back in… only to find his wooden phallus poking through. There’s no covering up the truth for the brazen marionette! What do you think was his first fib?

A Wooden Awakening: Inner Struggle by Juce GaceA Wooden Awakening: Inner Struggle by Juce Gace
There's no suppressing the truth

Through all his adventures one thing remains true, we all can’t get enough of A Wood Awakening! Whether he’s on a holiday or as a donkey, on his knees or standing, let him charm you with his cheeky stiffy. Complete your A Wood Awakening collection with the new A Wood Awakening: Inner Struggle by Juce Gace.

A Wood Awakening Collection


Wanna win the latest A Wood Awakening: Inner Struggle by Juce Gace? Join our Instagram Giveaway! We want to know if YOU are the are the ultimate A Wood Awakening collector, show off every A Wood Awakening, in every colorway, that you have. Here's how:

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1 lucky fan will be chosen and announced via the Mighty Jaxx IG Stories on 27 August 2021, 6am ET,

A Wood Awakening: Inner Struggle by Juce Gace

A Wood Awakening: Inner Struggle by Juce Gace drops this Saturday, 28 August, 9 am ET for 24 hours only. Plus, 180 lucky customers can look forward to a special A Wood Awakening keychain!

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