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21 AUG 2020

Drips Away! Melting Missile



One year ago, you were dispatched on a mission to transport the Skull Bomb Phantom into our top secret base - Area 15. Intelligence reports now suggest that the enemy has designed a new weapon, the Melting Missile. This is a weapon of mass destruction, and your mission is to capture the weapon and bring it back to base.

Melting Missile is designed to deliver long range destruction. From the moment it is launched, the missile begins to melt. Each drip is part of its assault, a fire bomb of sorts, that burns everything it touches. The fire burns intensely and cannot be easily put out, deadly doesn't even begin to describe what it can do.

Melting Missile doesn't simply melt away before it hits its target. The warhead is specially engineered to  control its drips, ensuring that the missile lands at its intended target. Upon impact, it explodes with the force akin to 4 active volcanoes.

The importance of capturing the Melting Missile cannot be stated enough. Should the enemy get the chance to launch the weapon, it would be a catastrophe like no other. The destruction would be unfathomable, it is a price no one can afford to pay.

This will be a solo mission. Despite its destructive scale, Melting Missile is only 10" tall. For all it can accomplish, and at its size, it really is an engineering marvel. The small size works in our favour, allowing us maximum secrecy in this mission. Sending a squadron in might draw too much attention. You have been chosen for your streak of mission success.

The commander believes in you, and the fate of the world rests in your hands. Your mission begins on 22 August, 9am EST. Good luck.


Melting Missile by Jason Freeny drops on 22 Aug at 9am EST. VIPs ranked navigator and above get early access on 21 Aug.

10" tall polystone art toy // $249 with free shipping worldwide

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