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16 SEP 2022

Diving into the World of Instagram Archive Communities



aplasticplant makes his way to Mighty Jaxx in his first-ever collectibles collaboration! Dressed in the Instagram account’s official sought-after merch, the collectible is sculpted in the iconic style of YARMS Studio founder, Danil YAD! The leafy face and sprouting plant being held are part of the archive communities branding.

All sorts and genres of archive accounts are sprouting on Instagram, and aplasticplant is one of those leading the charge! Read on for a deeper look at the various types and why they are slowly taking over the social media platform.

The Cultural Archives

This is where the aplasticplant community thrives. Instead of focusing on a particular genre or identifiable feature, the page draws inspiration from the many facets of culture to curate a specific “vibe”—sort of like an ever-growing, ever-evolving mood board. 

aplasticplant mixes contemporary street culture and nostalgic pop culture to create his flavor of positivity, one many of his followers find inspiring and relatable. Paired with strong brand identity through plant-related quotes and symbols, it’s no surprise that the tight community continues to bloom.

The History Curators

From the nightlife of yesterday to pioneering African-American women, forgotten histories are being unearthed and made more accessible through an increasing number of historical archive pages. 

Usually focused on niche aspects of history, these accounts are a form of “information activism”, ensuring that every group’s lived experience is captured, whether they are included or ignored in more traditional archives. 

The Art Inspiration 

One of the oldest types of archival communities on Instagram, the platform’s visual-centric format easily lends itself to this type of content. Art itself is extremely broad with many ways of categorization—time period, genres, movements, artist, medium, and so on.

Followers of these types of accounts are usually involved in the creation of art themselves, whether recreationally or professionally. The draw of art inspiration pages is that they passively feed them with a consistent, curated flow of inspiration specific to their taste.

These archive pages are slowly establishing a role in modern society, whether as a source of inspiration, an information retention tool, or simply as interesting content.

Show your support for aplasticplant, one of the top culture curators on Instagram, by pre-ordering his latest collectible, done in the iconic style of YARMS Studio.

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