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1 SEP 2022

Cybertron Represent: Prime and Gang Take Over!



For a single night, the battle for the AllSpark is on hold. The Autobots and Decepticons make peace to host an out-of-this-world party! 

Three Transformers have already been released—today, we round up the series with the leader of the Autobots himself! 

Complete your collection with Optimus Prime, life of the party

All eyes on him, it’s the truck, the legend himself, Optimus Prime! Hitting the dancefloor hard, he pulls out the flashiest of breaking moves. Spins, flips, freezes, every step is carefully calculated and perfectly timed. Looking at his performance, you can’t help but feel inspired to move! 

Spot his biggest, removable hype man, Blaster. He blasts some sick beats in boombox form, adding to the electrifying atmosphere!

With movable arms, you can also choose how you want Optimus Prime to pose. Hands up if you love hip hop? No problem for Prime!

MC Bumblebee with the slick flow

Spitting rhymes, Bumblebee is killing it on stage. Decked in bling and a new shiny sheen, he commands attention and hypes the crowd throughout the night.

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Tagged by Megatron

Megatron is armed with a different type of cannon tonight; one filled with paint! With a heavy burden on his shoulder, he’s ready to let it all out in a flurry of creative expression on blank walls, marking his territory in the process.

Available In-Stock

DJ Soundwave on the decks

Soundwave is ready to put his innate musicality to good use—bringing crazy energy with perfectly timed tracks, transitions, and scratches. Groove out to his mix!

Currently Out of Stock (Watch this space for possible restock!)

Inspired by Hip Hop

There are 4 main elements of hip hop culture: emceeing, graffiti, DJing, and break dancing. The Transformers X Quiccs collection by Mighty Jaxx brings different aspects of this rich culture to life, robot-style.


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8" Tall, 9.5" Wide Vinyl Art Toy
Limited Edition of 500
Now Available In-Stock
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