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2 JAN 2022

Conceptualizing OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes



Meet OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes! The first in our new line of OFF_WERK collectible figures that reimagine our favorite characters on their day off. The OFF_WERK series gives us new shades to our favorite characters, we’ve seen them fight villains and now we get to see them kickback.

OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes went through a few variations in designs before settling on the all-black, robed version of the release. The robe was chosen to give Snake Eyes the most casual and relaxed look he can be, a complete opposite of the full combat gear we usually see him in.

What about the things Snake Eyes does on his off day? Why the bonsai hobby for the most lethal fighter of the G.I. Joe? Bel explains that as a master of the martial arts, Snake Eyes would need to have a zen-like state of mind, and tending to a bonsai would train him to “enhance the zen”. Find out more about Snake Eyes’ other hobbies in the full video above.

Our product quality engineer, Kenneth, shares about the process of coloring OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes. It’s a special peep behind the curtain you don’t want to miss, we won’t talk about it here - it’s more interesting to watch!

Little easter eggs are hidden throughout the sculpt for fans of G.I. Joe to find, give the concept video a watch, and discover these little bits of detailing that adorn the piece. Special note, Bel might even have hinted at future OFF_WERK releases, did you catch them?

The mask never comes off even on an off day! Snake Eyes is making the most of his day off and he wants you to join him. OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes is available now on Mighty Jaxx.

$69 // 6.5” Vinyl art collectible // Ships worldwide

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OFF_WERK GI Joe Snake Eyes


OFF_WERK GI Joe Snake Eyes

69.0 USD

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