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25 SEP 2021

Collector Spotlight: Mikelle



Welcome to Collector Spotlight by Mighty Jaxx! This month, we’re shining the spotlight on collector Mikelle (@poison.snow.nebula). Her impressive display of My Little Pony toys really caught our eye; if we’ve released it, it seems she has it. Let's meet the collector!

Collector Spotlight: Mikelle (Hero Img)

How long have you been collecting for?

Only for a year.

How did your Mighty Jaxx collecting journey start?

With the Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: My Little Pony release. When I saw them I fell in love and knew I had to have them all. When that first box arrived I was blown away and couldn’t wait for the next pony release.

Which of your Mighty Jaxx pieces would you say is your favorite?

Tough one, but I’d have to say Handsome Squidward. He's just so Handsome.

Collector Spotlight: Mikelle - SBSP Meme & MLP Collection

What is your favorite Mighty Jaxx collecting memory?

Opening that beautiful XXRAY Plus Princess Celestia and seeing her for the first time in all her glory.

Is there a Mighty Jaxx art toy you missed out on that you really want to get?

Omg yes!! Quite a few! XXRAY Plus Catdog, XXPOSED Patrick but mainly that Life-size XXRAY Elmo!

Is there an artist or IP you want Mighty Jaxx to work with?

Some Twilight Zone stuff would be pretty interesting or classic Cartoon Network.

Collector Spotlight: Mikelle - My Little Pony

How do you display your collectibles?

In a glass cabinet that holds only the best of the best items.

What do you love most about the world of art toys?

How detailed each piece is!

What's your newest addition to your collection?

XXRAY Plus Princess Celestia. Luna (XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon) will be when she arrives :)


Follow Mikelle on Instagram @poison.snow.nebula

All images in this post have been graciously provided by Mikelle.

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Happy collecting!

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