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28 FEB 2018

Best place to HUMP based on your horoscope




Spontaneous Aries would love to pull a quickie outdoors!  Once in the mood, nothing will stop them from firing their guns, and that’s just how adventurous they are!


Everything aesthetically pleasing to the eye will definitely get a Libra coming! Dress up, groom well and you will seduce a Libra into taking her bra off!


Oh, sexy... fancy... and sophisticated Taurus. Start the date with wine & dine, throw in some sensual music and get ready for a loooong night of lovemaking. 


Known as deeply sexual and mysterious creatures, Scorpios are out to penetrate your soul! A secluded place with an element of role-play will really lure out the beast within them... Just sayin'.


A Gemini is all about variety and lots of mental stimulation. As the sign of Messenger, dirty talking and naughty texts would do the tricks to get these flirty-pants going! Litter the floor with fluffy pillows to add an extra element of fun!


Adventurous, energetic and nature-loving, Sagittarius will find joy being one with nature while being one with a partner. A garden, an outdoor shower or the forest are great places for these centaurs to go wild.


Sensitive by nature, Cancerians love to be reassured and truly expect lots of compliments. Caressing is important and before you know it, they will be unleashing their inner kinky side, even on the kitchen counter!


 These creatures are definitely not down for PDAs. Keep your hands to yourself except when you are indoors! A sensual spa will be the perfect spot to warm them up before they sizzle.


Known for their through-the-roof level of confidence, Leos just love being in the spotlight! Rumour has it that the best place to have sex is where they can be displayed in their full glory. Well, they did say go big or go home!


Ever heard of Sexting? These babies are down for just that! Be prepared to do something out of the norm as the thrill of it will get them wanting more! So set up the webcam and embrace the digital age in every naughty way.


As a sign of health and purity, a pristine location and optimal personal hygiene is a must in order to get sexy time with a Virgo! So make sure to tidy your room before getting these clean freaks under the sheets!


Romance and “happily ever after” are what Pisces crave for. Pique the interest of these water-sign lovers by simply preparing a warm bubble bath. A good soak together in the hot tub will surely lead to a steamy night to remember.

And that's all to HUMPek's guide, have you found your best place to hump?

Regardless of your horoscope or where's your favourite place to be in embrace, HUMPek would like you to know that they don't mind getting down on all fours with you! From the bathroom to the garden, this lustful yet classy 10" tall Vinyl Art Collectible will fit in anywhere as a statement piece and its bold red is bound to set hearts a-racin'!

Also, if you don't have a partner to get humping with, you can always do it on your own, like how we do it in our very racy, #nsfw HUMPek trailer here. Enjoy!
HUMPek drops this Saturday, 3 Mar 2018, 11pm (SGP) 10am(NYC) 3pm (LDN)

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