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13 JAN 2018

Balloon Dog Anatomy by Jason Freeny (Metallic Black)



Mighty Jaxx is proud to reintroduce Jason Freeny’s Balloon Dog Anatomy in an exclusive metallic black colourway! Keeping in line with tradition, this beloved collectible gets the classic cross-section treatment once again.

Standing at 8” tall, it comes with 26 fully-detachable organs and body parts to be assembled – forming a highly detailed visible skeletal system within the iconic canine.

Encased in a sleek and crystal clear balloon dog shell is a fiercely matte black skeletal structure of the balloon animal we all grew to love from birthday parties to carnival visits. To top things off, the innards are painted with playfully striking colours and a gleaming metallic finish that is simply delightful to the eyes.

With several colourways released earlier in 2016, it was an extremely sought after figure by collectors and puzzle enthusiasts. If you’re a lover of the Freeny’s dissected collectibles and want to expand your collection, this is something not to pass up as it is a limited edition with only 500 pieces produced and ready for the taking.

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