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1 JAN 2021

Artist Interview: Kerby Rosanes


This month, we're welcoming Kerby Rosanes into the Mighty Jaxx roster with the release of Global Warning. Join us as we learn more about him and his art!

What got you interested in art? Who inspired your art while you were growing up?
Fascination in art runs in the family. My mom knows how to draw and my brothers are into lettering. Even my cousins are into music and sculpture. Growing up I was surrounded by art and have been exposed to various ways of expressing it.

What sort of mediums do you enjoy working on?
I work traditionally in ink mostly using fineliners, markers, brush pens, etc. For the past year, I’ve been trying to incorporate digital art in my creative process either in the sketching stage or cleaning up pieces in preparation for print.

How would you describe your art style?
I describe it as intricate and whimsical. Detailed lines using ink make up the entire artwork to a point that use of colours will be unnecessary. The fantasy twist in nature related themes dominates my black and white universe.

You feature animals a lot in your artwork, why?
I simply love nature and the creatures living in it. I feel more creative drawing animals than any other subjects and themes. Also, I believe all the mysteries of the natural world are within the animal kingdom which is a great source of creative inspiration.

Do you have a favourite animal to draw?
Can’t pick a single favorite but owls, whales, tigers and deers have been prominently featured in my works.

Your drawings are very intricate and detailed, how do you find inspiration?
It is basically inspired by the intricacies of textures and patterns we see in the natural world. I also make sure to go as detailed as possible to the point that I won’t have to use colors to complete a piece.

You have published multiple colouring books, what made you decide to do so?
At first I thought creating colouring books for grown-ups was just one of those projects I get paid to do so. But when I started to receive messages from fans telling me stories on how the books helped them get through difficult times, I thought the books were more than just their purpose. They became a global phenomenon helping people as an art therapy, more especially during the lockdown and quarantine due to the pandemic. Some have started reviving the hidden artist within them and started building local communities dedicated to colouring in. Every single page that gets coloured by someone is a great collaboration piece.

You also own a few resin collectibles, how did you get into collecting and what is your prize piece?
I've been a huge fan of One Piece since the first time I saw the Anime series when I was in high school. I started to collect figures and statues based from my favorite characters when I first visited Japan in 2017. Since then, the collection grew and if I may choose my prize piece, that would be the Roronoa Zoro high quality statue by Tsume Art. It’s one of the rarest from their One Piece line and also my all time favorite character in the series.

Where do you hope for your artistic journey to move on to next?
I wanted to continue making art with a ‘purpose’. I think it’s about time that people use their ‘talents’ in making an actual positive difference in the world, no matter how big or small it is.

Tell us a little about the Global Warning piece, what inspired its creation?
It’s a 2015 piece which aimed to share awareness on what polar bears and the Arctic in general are facing due to the consequences of global warming. The skull underneath symbolizes various human activities that contribute to this problem and that we humans can also suffer from its consequences. 

How do you feel seeing your illustrations in a 3D form?
It’s amazing to see how this old piece was recreated in a new medium. The 3D form breathes new life to this piece making it more impactful to the viewer as this problem is more than relevant today even after 5 years since the original piece was created. 

You often share themes of global warming and the environment in your works, how did you become interested in this cause?
The geographical location of the Philippines makes it prone to various natural disasters especially typhoons and volcanic eruptions. Improper garbage disposal and reforestation worsen the effects of these disasters. I’ve witnessed and experienced all of those in person so I’ve always had this drive to help at least in promoting awareness about the changing world, its causes and consequences and how we can help in preserving it for our future generations. For the past couple of years, I’ve also traveled to some countries where I’ve witnessed how these issues are affecting communities like the garbage disposal problems in India, reforestation in the Amazon and receding glaciers in Patagonia.  These experiences convinced me to do something about it even in the smallest possible way of raising awareness through my art on various platforms. 

What are some organisations you support?
I have recently worked with PangeaSeed foundation, World Wildlife Fund and some local organizations here in the Philippines. I’m also working with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation for my next colouring book release. 

Let us know…

Favourite food? 
Thai tom yum soup, Japanese ramen, Vietnamese pho noodles

Favourite movie?
Spirited Away / Princess Mononoke

Global Warning by Kerby Rosanes
Launching 2nd January, 9am EST
Available for 24 hours only

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