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7 FEB 2023

A Sweet Treat: Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny (Series 2) Choco Edition



Our sweet treats from Sanrio receive a new twist! While the original Series 1 reimagined each character as candy, this series takes the chocolate route. Chocolate lovers unite!

Just like in Series 1, each character in the series is split in half—one side is a choco-themed style similar to the original design and the other is the full, see-through chocolate transformation! These dissections are designed by Jason Freeny and represent a wide range of beloved flavors—read on to learn about them. 

Hello Kitty

The girl that took the world by storm, it’s Hello Kitty! Bright and kind-hearted, she takes on the form of raspberry chocolate. The character takes on a pinkish-red appearance while her iconic bowtie is a delicious shade of brown!

Bad-Badtz Maru 

The lovable, ambitious penguin takes on the cookies and cream chocolate flavor! One half is styled in white chocolate with bits of cookie crumble while the other is sweet milk chocolate.


Tough on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside, Kuromi makes for a great-tasting chocolate! Her flavor is blueberry—spot the blueish-purple heart shapes that cover her head. 


Shy at first, Cinnamoroll is extremely friendly and adorable when you get to know him better! His chocolate alter ego is blue velvet—a very similar shade to his original color.


He is floppy-eared, wearing a beret—Pompompurin can’t wait to play! Taking on the form of caramel chocolate, the flavor and his design are a match made in heaven. 


Green is his color, lining up perfectly with his peppermint flavor! Are you ready for a blast of fresh air with the ever-cheerful Kerokerokeroppi? One side of his body sports a striped outfit: the classic look for a chocolate.

My Melody

This series’ ultra rare piece: My Melody! The strawberry milk-flavored treats are detailed with shimmery strawberry hearts, a glossy strawberry syrup bow, and a glittery dissected half—making her look as good as she might taste!

Are you ready to feast your eyes on Kandy x Sanrio ft. Jason Freeny (Series 2)? The FunBoxx series launches on 8 Feb so mark your calendars! Do note that the chocolate stylization is artistic and the figurines are not meant for consumption.

4” Vinyl Blind Box
No Repeats in a Tray
Powered by Forreal
Not for Consumption

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