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27 JUL 2022

A Ribbiting Interview With New Artist, TheFaithRay



This week, we meet the artist behind Don't Froget Your Umbrella, TheFaithRay. Let's hop into our exclusive interview!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us! First off, could you tell us a little more about your background?

Hi everyone, my name is Ray. I am from Taiwan.

When did you start drawing and why?

I have been very interested in drawing since I was a child. My doodles can often be found in my old textbooks and workbooks.

When did you decide to become a tattoo artist?

I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old and became interested in tattooing after that. It was not until 2016, when I was about 22 years old, that I applied for an apprenticeship in a tattoo parlor. 

Your artworks feature a lot of Japanese inspired motifs. What inspired you to pursue this style?

I like Japanese culture very much, and I happened to learn Japanese-style tattoos. I also often incorporate ukiyo-e elements into my creations.

Why frogs?

Frogs are auspicious and have many positive meanings in Japanese culture. It is a theme that Japanese-style tattoo artists often feature in their works.

What is your favorite thing to draw / tattoo?

I like to draw cats and frogs the most.

Source: TheFaithRay's Instagram


What is your favorite tattoo on yourself/ wife?

I'm actually very satisfied with the work on my body, whether it's good or bad or whether I'll cover it up in the future. I prefer the way the tattoo makes me feel right now, except for the pain of course.

We are very excited about our first collaboration with you! How do you feel about making a collectible toy?

I'm glad to have this opportunity to work with the company. I also have a collection of collectible toys, so I'm really looking forward to the finished product.

Tell us a little more about this piece that you are making with us!

I designed a big frog to hold an umbrella for the little frog. The umbrella is not big enough, and the big frog's shoulders are getting wet. I think it’s a very cute and funny design.

If you didn’t become an artist, what do you think you would be doing?

If I hadn't become a tattoo artist, I'd probably be on the streets right now… Kidding! I haven’t even thought about that. I am just so grateful for what I have now.

Be sure to set your reminders for the Don't Froget Your Umbrella by TheFaithRay, launching on 30 July 2022, 9AM ET / 9PM SGT.
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