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1 FEB 2023

A Bringer of Good Fortune: GEECON by TOS SUNTOS



Thai artist TOS SUNTOS launches his first collaboration with MIGHTY JAXX—his original character GEECON. Cheeky, and filled with vigor, this captivating piece gives a personal twist on a classic in Thai culture.

To highlight its intricacy, various forms of finishing have been applied to the sculpt. A clear example is in its upper half; the helm has metallic sheen which is contrasted with the transparent horns and the matte black of the head. Read on to uncover the various details of the piece. 

Roots in Self and Culture

Starting with its background, GEECON is a personal reflection of sorts—TOS SUNTOS modeled the character after his own personality as well as his cultural roots. The expression of the figure emanates energy and cheekiness, just like the artist himself. 

The overall character design is based on Hanuman, a beloved monkey god and Rama’s devoted warrior-general found in the Ramakien, one of Thailand's national epics.

An Intricate Mask

The most eye-catching part of GEECON is the mask with its heavy detailing and symbolism. On the forehead are representations of three stones: Obsidian to stabilize the mind and maintain optimism, Teklite to attract outstanding fortune, and Tourmaline to balance the body and dispel bad luck. 

Painted on the nose is the symbol of wind—a reference to Hanuman’s father figure in the legends, Phra Phai, also known as the god of wind. 

Tribute to an Ancient Art Form

The use of a mask is inspired by Khon—a Thai form of dance with music and narration—which TOS SUNTOS used to perform as a child. 

Mask Making as part of these Khon performances is a highly elaborate skill-based art form, practiced in the same manner it was years ago. TOS SUNTOS pays homage to this traditional craft through the mask design of GEECON.

Element of the Body

GEECON has a unique pair of hands which emulate a baby’s, representing purity. The ear piercing gives a glimpse of the artist behind the piece—TOS SUNTOS himself has pierced ears. 

On the chest is a black on black smiley face, a subtle nod to the GEECON’s mischievous nature. Yet, the character takes on a pose of peace and balance: the Half Lotus position. This sitting posture is one of the most common meditation poses.

A celebration of childhood, vitality, while paying respect to one’s roots, GEECON by TOS SUNTOS will sit perfectly on your shelf! The collectible is crafted in a premium polystone material, giving it the heft and quality it deserves. 

8.5” Polystone Art Toy
Limited Edition
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