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30 SEP 2020

5 Fun Elmo Facts with the Life-Size XXRAY Elmo



We know how much you love the XXRAY Plus Elmo and you're in for a treat this week with the launch of the Life-Size XXRAY Elmo! Fans of the iconic Sesame Street muppet, you definitely will want to get your hands on one.

But first, join us below and learn a little bit more about our pal, Elmo!

Fact 1
Elmo's birthday is on 3 Feburary and he is perpetually 3 1/2 years old! Now you know Elmo's birthday, be sure to celebrate with your Life-Size XXRAY Elmo every year!

Fact 2
If you ever make your Life-Size XXRAY Elmo sad, give him a perk-me-up with his favourite food - wasabi!

Fact 3
Despite being taught to not hate any food, brussel sprouts are Elmo's pet peeve.

Fact 4
Elmo was performed by Kevin Clash from 1984-2012, and is currently performed by Ryan Dillion.

Fact 5
Elmo almost always refers to himself in third person. Will you do the same when you talk to your Life-Size XXRAY Elmo?

Life-Size XXRAY Elmo stands at 1.2m tall! This 1:1 vinyl art collectible is perhaps the closest you will get to owning a true-to-life piece of the iconic red muppet. Admire Elmo's detailed anatomy and be sure to give him a hi-5 whenever you walk by!

Curious how the Life-Size XXRAY Elmo would look in your homes? We've previously released a Life-Size XXRAY Elmo (Snow Edition), check out this photo by @c_kcy:

Just look how magnificent it is! The Life-Size XXRAY Elmo will certainly make for an impressive display! Be sure to order your Life-Size XXRAY Elmo HERE.

$2800 with free shipping // 1.2m Tall Vinyl Art Collectible // Pre-Order

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