27 JUN 2018

MJ Vault – Hidden Treasures Revealed!



Ahoy, expert treasure-seekers! Whether you're a hardcore serial-collector, or a casual one looking to snag a few limited edition toys here and there, we know there's one phrase that always makes your heart sink a little – SOLD OUT! But sometimes you just can't stop that Saturday-morning hangover, and we do know of many items that sold out within a couple of hours of releasing. Now, don't lose hope just yet... 

Lo and behold, this week we are bringing you a new-but-old-but-gold collection: MJ Vault! In this collection, you will find items that were previously sold out on our website. Most of them are available in extremely limited quantities. Think less than 10. It's a place for you to look for treasures that have resurfaced; Perhaps you might find a long lost love without having to travel to the deepest ends of the internet and e-Bay.

Check out some of these goodies we managed to find for now, with many more to follow!

mj vault blogpost image with vomit kid baby puft baby balloon dog panda ink maruma and beary efficient bear


Expect to find hot-favourites such as Vomit Kid (OG), DC XXRAY Wave 3 and Wave 4, and even a few pieces of Anatomical Chocolate Easter Bunny (strawberry) which was a VIP-only item. We have decided to put all of them together in the MJ Vault so that collectors, who missed out on certain items when they were in stock, may have a second chance at bringing them home. So if you spot something that you want in the MJ Vault, make sure you get them asap because the quantity for these pieces starts at as low as just 3.

Oh and did we forget to mention, these items are all in stock and ready to be shipped to you in 7 to 14 working days? That's right! 

However it's not safe to assume that every release would have a few pieces landing in MJ Vault after a period of time! We do run out of stock completely for most items that we produce (like we would't be able to give one to Scarlett Johansson even if she wanted one), so the most secure way to get your items is to preorder them during the release weekend.

We know what you're wondering. "So if it's limited edition and sold out, why are they available again!?"

Once in a while when we do our warehouse spring-cleaning, we would find a handful of items which are left over. These could be safety stock that we keep in case of exchanges, or they could have been reserved for something that didn't happen. So be sure to read our MJ Vault rules (it's not as severe as it sounds) before going wild!

You can access MJ Vault anytime via the STORE dropdown menu on our website. With this, we hope you have fun treasure hunting!

Baby Clear Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy

Jason Freeny

Baby Clear Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy

Sold out

XXRAY Harley Quinn (Deluxe)

DC Comics

XXRAY Harley Quinn (Deluxe)

Sold out