21 NOV 2018

MJ Black Friday 2018 – The Ultimate Guide



Yes, it's the time of the year again, when people risk their lives for half-priced fridges and cheap TVs. But if you prefer to make a steal without breaking a sweat (or an arm), then behold the online shopping craze that's Black Friday Cyber Monday, happening on the 23rd of Nov this year!

As expected, we have a bunch of deals ready for you, so if you have been eyeing that limited edition toy and just wanted a little extra something to go along with it, now is THE time. 

This Black Friday, there will be 3 main promotions, and of course, don't forget the special 24-hour timed release of Dissected POPek by Whatshisname x Jason Freeny! Do you remember this little survey we did via Insta-story to ask our followers what they would put in a dissected poop. Read till the end to find out!

You know that feeling... when you're about to check out and you see the shipping price and you think twice? No more of that feeling this Black Friday! While free shipping is already applied to many of our newer releases, certain MJ Vault, MJ Select items and more are still chargeable for shipping. If it does not say "Free Shipping Worldwide" in the description box on the product page, it probably isn't usually free. This awesome deal will really make a HUGE impact on your purchase, considering how heavy some of these items can get.

The tip is to take some time before Black Friday and add those items to your shopping cart. They will stay there until you remove them or if they get sold out, so have them prepared to ensure a quick check out while everyone else is scrambling around with calculators in hand. Simply apply the code "BF2018" upon check out to have free shipping applied to your entire cart!

Free shipping storewide applies from Friday 23 Nov, 9am ET to Saturday 24 Nov, 9am ET

O sweet, sweet VIP points! On a normal day, you get 10 VIP points with every $1 spent. But on Black Friday 2018, you get friggin' 20 VIP points with every $1 spent! Quick math! With these awesome VIP points, you get to tier up in our Mighty Assembly VIP Programme and enjoy truckloads of benefits!

From early access to weekly releases, cash vouchers and even exclusive holiday gifts, we really want to reward you for being a part of the Mighty Jaxx family! You can find out all about the Mighty Assembly VIP Programme right here.

So now's the best time to get higher value items which will earn doubly high VIP points. You can then use these points to exchange for vouchers for future use anyway, why not, right? Simply sort the items by $$$ to $ to view the higher value items first. Oh, and you don't have to do anything to claim double VIP points. It will be applied automatically, woop woop!

Double VIP points applies from Friday 23 Nov, 9am ET to Saturday 24 Nov, 9am ET

Who doesn't love a pretty set of stickers, even if you know you're never gonna paste them anywhere? With every purchase above $200, you get a pack of secret sticker set for free. These are exclusive to Black Friday 2018, so you won't be able to buy them off anywhere! You have up till Cyber Monday to get these stickers, so don't sit on it!

Secret Sticker Pack will be applied when you spend more than $200 during the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend (Friday, 23 Nov 2018, 9am ET – Monday, 26 Nov 2018, 9pm ET). While stocks last.

Dissected POPek by Whatshisname x Jason Freeny

And the moment you've been waiting for is finally here, we shit you not! This superstar collaboration piece, Dissected POPek by Whatshisname x Jason Freeny, is real, and it's dropping this week! It's funny that when we made a teaser on Insta-story, asking our followers what they would put in a dissected poop, the most common answer was mini poop! Some amusing answers such as ice cream, dog bone and jelly beans were popped up too.

For those who said diamonds and cocaine... nice try.

Jokes aside, Jason Freeny himself have decided to leave the content of the poop to your imagination. Now that's a new topic of discussion with your friends who ask you about this impressive collectible! Stay tuned to us on Instagram to play our spontaneous quizzes and other silly stuff!

Dissected POPek by Whatshisname x Jason Freeny will be released for a 24-hour period, from Friday, 23 Nov, 9am ET to Saturday, 24 Nov, 9am ET. $150 with free shipping worldwide.