4 MAR 2020

Mighty Month In Review: February



We've already gone by 2 months in 2020, quick doesn't even begin to describe it. In this week's mid-week read, we look back at February's releases. From the super limited Dissected Mr HellYeah to the brand new, leap day release, A Wood Awakening (Donkey Edition). Come look back on them with us, and maybe cop one or two of these drops if you haven't already.

8.5" Dissected Mister HellYeah

 Having made its debut at TTE 2019, a very limited number of Dissected Mister Hell Yeahs were made available for order on the first Saturday of the month. How little? Just 30 pieces! 

Every piece has been copped and the 8.5" Dissected Mister Hell Yeah is no longer available. 

Looking for more MAMAFAKA products? Head on over to mamafaka.com and check out the entire range!

No Companion: Trust No One


Our collaboration with Indonesian artist Abell Octovan continues with the new No Companion: Trust No One. We know you love Abell's distinct finger designs that we started with I Donut Care, No Companion is the beginning of a new series of finger based designs.

No Companion: Trust No One was a 24 hour release, missed your chance to get one? Click HERE and add it to your wishlist using the "Email When Available" button on the top right of the page.

If more become available, we'll reach out!

Dissected POPek (Yellow Edition)

There's really nothing quite like two of our favourite artists coming together. Jason Freeny and Whatshisname come together to bring us Dissected POPek! The third colourway of this powerhouse collaboration is finished in a classic yellow and black colourway - kinda like the Mighty Jaxx colours *wink*

We learnt more about POPek's anatomy with this release, come find out some interesting balloon dog related facts HERE.

Dissected POPek (Yellow Edition) is available in-stock and is ready-to-ship! Limited quantities available left, click HERE to get your very own.

Radar Rat

Radar Rat is the newest piece in our partnership with Brandalised. The first in a series of rat based art toys, each piece comes with a wall bundled to build a complete set of graffiti art toy works.

Radar Rat is still available now, click HERE to place your order.

Sesame Street Lifestyle Collection

Expaaaaanded! We've added new pieces to your favourite unisex collection of adult Sesame Street apparel. From t-shirts and comfortable hoodies, which design is your favourite?

Shop the entire Mighty Jaxx Sesame Street collection HERE. Toys, apparel, accessories await!

 A Wood Awakening (Donkey Edition)

2020 is a leap year and to commemorate, we released a special A Wood Awakening on the very special day! Meet A Wood Awakening (Donkey Edition), a fun addition to the lovable A Wood Awakening series.

Keeping what make him recognisable, and adding a little "ass" to the design, the A Wood Awakening (Donkey Edition) was released as a special 24 hour time release.

Missed your chance to get one? Click HERE and add it to your wishlist using the "Email When Available" button on the top right of the page. If more become available, we'll reach out!


Be sure to keep tabs on the Mighty Jaxx social media accounts for more exciting releases coming your way in March! Here's a special sneak, make a guess who it is...

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