8 MAY 2020

Mighty Month In Review: April



Real talk, did April even happen?!

It feels like only yesterday when we "released" Project Untitled as our April Fool's joke. How time flies! As we kick start May, let's look back on what we've released in April. Which of these drops did you get? Which are you planning to get?

PEEpek (Flocked Edition)

We kicked off April by returning to the wonderful World of POPIKI! Together with PEEpek, we raised our legs in celebration and let our a satisfying stream of warmth.

This PEEpek is unlike the ones that came before it though. Finished in a special flock material, the soft touch gives this balloon dog a truly unique feel in the hand. Did you get yourself a PEEpek?

Click HERE to order yours.

XXRAY PLUS Cookie Monster (Mono Edition)

A sleek and minimal colourway for our favourite cookie gobbler! Cookie Monster returned in April in a special mono colourway. Like the XXRAY Plus Elmo (Mono Edition) that came before it, greys and black give the loveable puppet a classic finish.

With this release, we also found out that Cookie Monster has a Twitter account where he shares his crumbs of wisdom. We put together some of our favourites in this blog post. Psst, Robert Irwin makes an appearance!

Don't forget to add the XXRAY Plus Cookie Monster (Mono Edition) to your collection! Click HERE to order.

Baby Beyond (Black Edition)

You know we love us some Alex Face! We even did a whole Artist Feature on him, check it out here. In April, we also released the third colourway of his Baby Beyond design - a sleek black.

This distinct looking piece is available for order now, be sure to add it to your collection. Look how great the whole Alex Face collection looks together! Order your own Baby Beyond (Black Edition) HERE.

Hand of Sight

In April, 2 new artists joined the Mighty Jaxx roster. First up, Pedro Correa with Hand of Sight! Unfamiliar with Pedro? Check out our artist interview HERE. Hand of Sight features a removable backdrop so you have the versatility to display the hand on its own or with it.

This impressive mini diorama piece is available for order now, only 300 pieces will be made! Be one of the lucky 300 to own one and order yours, click HERE!

XXRAY PLUS Zoro (Anime Edition)

The XXRAY Plus One Piece series continues with the XXRAY Plus Zoro (Anime Edition)! Featuring a unique anime like finishing, this dissected art figure literally brings 2D to 3D. The figure's kinetic pose, unique finishing, and iconic dissection make it one of the coolest figures you can ever own.

In honour of this release, we looked back at some of Zoro's best lines. Check them out HERE. We think we succeeded Zoro's wish in the 4 statement! Ordered your own XXRAY Plus Zoro (Anime Edition) yet? Click HERE to order now.

Picky Eaters: The Clown

The second artist to be welcomed into the Mighty Jaxx roster is Po Yun Wang! Together we kick started a new line of figures known as Picky Eaters, the first of which is this adorable buddy known as "The Clown"!

Find out more about Po Yun Wang in our artist interview HERE. Plus, there's a special concept video in that interview. Some of our designers had their tongues burned off, oops! Don't forget to order your own Picky Eaters: The Clown HERE.

Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece

We know a lot of you were eagerly waiting for this, and now it is here! The Straw Hat crew gets the iconic dissection treatment and is put into a find blindbox for you to collect! Unfamiliar with what a blind box is? Every piece is packed at random in similar looking boxes, and no one knows which character you will get!

We did a special live unboxing of the Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece on YouTube, check it out HERE. Be sure to keep an eye out for those chasers, they are incredible! Not familiar with One Piece? We put together a little post for you to get to know these characters HERE.

Some of you have also been asking where certain characters are, well, all we can say is look out for series 2! *wink*



Keep a look out for some firsts in May, we have our first ever incense chamber coming up, check it out in the image above. Designed in collaboration with Rob Bowyer, the Samurai (Hell Chamber) launches 9 May at 9am EST on mightyjaxx.com

We have new artists, new works, and some returning favourites as well coming your way in May. As always, keep up with us on our social media!