11 AUG 2021

Mighty Jaxx Presents: The Wanderer



What happens down the rabbit hole? The Wanderer ponders about what awaits on the other side, a whimsical world of colorful creatures? A vast expanse of nothingness perhaps?

Her curiosity tickles her mind but she lacks the courage to slide down. “Hello?” she yells down the hole, “Is anyone down there?” Nestling her head into the opening, she peers down. A glistening object flies towards her sending her stumbling back. A bottle labeled simply “drink me”.

The Huntress Feature Image 1The Huntress Feature Image 2The Huntress Feature Image 3

This week, The Wanderer makes her debut on Mighty Jaxx. Designed in-house, the limited edition piece highlights her beauty while leaving no doubts about her curious personality, exquisitely sculptured in premium polystone.

The Huntress & The Wanderer

Complete your sultry princess collection of polystone statues with the time limited release of The Wanderer on 14 August, 9 am ET. Available for 24 hours only on mightyjaxx.com

Which princess would you want next?

The Wanderer Release Banner

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