7 MAY 2017

Mighty Jaxx Originals: The Backpack Icy Grape edition



After years of searching, Back & Pack finally uncovered the last clue to their most prized treasure—The Grape of Wrath. In order to obtain this precious grape, they had to brave a severe ice storm and get to the highest peak in the land of YUX. Upon reaching the summit, the temperature plummeted and the duo had no choice but to seek shelter in a small cave. While resting, Pack smelled something odd and began digging deep into the cave. As he pulled the soil from the ground, a purple light emitted and there it was—THE LEGENDARY GRAPE OF WRATH!

Not long after their fruitful (pun intended) adventure, Back & Pack also found the reason behind its name and why it was hidden away in the mountains but let’s just save that story for another time shall we? 

The Backpack Icy Grape edition by Alex Pardee can be found here.