16 JUN 2017

Mighty Jaxx Features: Back 2 the Future with Death Threads



With the worldwide influx of major brands bringing back OG crowd favourites from back in the days, vintage culture is definitely a force to be reckoned with! 

Fronted by Deon Phua and Edmund Tan, Death Threads is a quaint vintage store born from the duo’s passion for vintage wear. Set in the heart of Tanjong Katong, it is housed under the same roof as the creative collective— Tell Your Children.

The store holds a small curated collection of vintage apparels, accessories and shoes that include brands like Nike, Converse, X-Large, Supreme and Polo Ralph Lauren just to name a few.

Not into labels? Fret not, as there are also vintage tees that features iconic movies and music we grew up with. There are even some pretty rare Japanese animation printed tees that will definitely appeal to anime enthusiasts.

If you dig hard enough, you will definitely be able to find some real gems in the pile as the items are all personally handpicked and shipped from overseas by the founders, with most of them being personal collections that Deon and Edmund struggle to part with.

That said, not all the items displayed are for sale but if you’re lucky enough to catch them in a good mood, you just might be walking home with one of their prized possessions. You will have to offer them a price they cannot resist, of course!

While in conversation with one of the owners, Deon, we were given some quick tips on how to find a true vintage piece!

By looking at the clothes tag, you can pick out the different time periods Nike apparels were manufactured in (70s/ 80s/ 90s).
The stitching on the clothes are also a give away. Vintage pieces are usually single stitched as compared to the double stitches you see now due to the constraints of the machineries back then.

Regarding their operations, the owners want to stress that everything is strictly available in store only. Firstly, because most of the collection is thrifted from overseas and it is pointless to sell them back to where they came from.

Also, their main objective for opening a brick and mortar store is to create a space for vintage enthusiasts, much like themselves, to interact and to expound on the knowledge of and cultivate an appreciation for vintage culture in Singapore. They feel that the most efficient way to convey and convert is through face-to-face interaction.

Death Threads is located at 188-8 Tanjong Katong Road and please note that they will only be open on the weekends from 12.30pm to 3.30pm for now!