17 JUL 2020

Mighty Fan Features: Hiedayyat



New month, new feature! Give a wave to Hiedayyat from Singapore! Perhaps better known as @aboslutemono on Instagram, his photos come with beautiful tones and delicious bokeh. The cat lover has amassed quite the collection of Mighty Jaxx figures, we do wonder if the Nyan Sum collection will feature on his account soon!

Check out his beautiful shots and learn more about the collector below!

How long have you been collecting for?

I've been collecting Mighty Jaxx toys for about a year.

How many Mighty Jaxx pieces do you have in your collection? Which is your favourite?

I currently have 6, and more on the way. My favourite piece is my Meowlting, which is also my very first Mighty Jaxx toy.

Which Mighty Jaxx piece do you consider your holy grail?

Transformers x Quiccs: Soundwave. I cant wait to party the Decepticon way!

How do you curate your collection?

I have a dedicated space in my living room to house my precious collection.

 What makes a piece a "must have" for you?

I like pieces that are a reflection of my childhood. I couldn't afford to buy toys when I was young, so this is my way of honouring my childhood memories.

Which Mighty Jaxx piece are you looking forward to most?

Transformers x Quiccs: Soundwave. Lets Party!! 🥳

Tell us your Mighty Jaxx story!

My first purchase of a Mighty Jaxx piece was last July. I have always had a fascination with cat figurines and started a small collection with my family. I stumbled upon the Mighty Jaxx IG and came across Meowlting. My reaction was, "WOW! I must have it!!" Since then, buying a Mighty Jaxx piece has become a hobby and I always look forward to new releases to add on to my growing collection. 


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All images in this post have been graciously provided by Hiedayyat.

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