21 NOV 2019




Welcome to another Mighty Fan Feature - where we celebrate you! Our amazing fans! Hailing from Taipei, this month we're featuring Allen Chu, also known as @allenchu921 on Instagram. Let's meet the collector!

How long have you been collecting for?

 It has been about 3-4 years.

How many Mighty Jaxx pieces do you have in your collection? 

Currently I have about 10-16 Mighty Jaxx toys in my collection. From A Wood Awakening to Skull Bomb, PEEpek to Anti Supremacy, most are mainly Jason Freeny and Whatshisname products.

Which Mighty Jaxx piece in your collection is your favourite?

I would say my current favourite is ilovedoodle’s I Will Never Le(t)go (Mono Edition). He is an illustrator that I’ve been following for awhile now. I was super excited to purchase his designs when once I found out it was going to be made into a toy.

Which Mighty Jaxx piece do you consider your holy grail?

I really like Jason Freeny and Whatshisname’s designs. It is playful and very different from the conventional. The quality of the pieces is also really good. I am such an avid collector of their work, it’s a huge bummer when I missed out on the pre-order period for their new toys. If they ever have another collaboration, I will definitely cop it! Hopefully in a monotone colorway.

Tell us your favourite Mighty Jaxx story!

It all started from Socks the dissected cat. I found out more about Jason Freeny's works through Mighty Jaxx, from XXRAY Looney Tunes series to XXRay Plus: 8.5” Elmo, Skull bomb etc. And because of Jason Freeny’s Balloon Dog, I found out about Whatshisname.

From there, I got exposed to more artists’ work like Abell Octovan, Juce Gace, ABCNT. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to afford collecting all of the artists’ works. So I set a restriction for myself to only collect black & white/monotone products! On one hand, monotone matches well with my crib’s interior design. On the other hand, it helps curb my urge to collect all the products and help me decide which products I really do want to purchase (but of course there are definitely some exceptions).

Apart from Jason Freeny and Whatshisname, I also started collecting products related to social and political issues, such as my recent purchase of ANTI SUPREMACY by Abell Octovan.

The theme of this piece is extremely relatable and inspiring, and represents a common language of this generation. Be it about the notion of freedom, gender equality, anti-authoritarianism, preserving the environment, it is about the societal issues that people of this generation cares about, no matter where you’re from.


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All images in this post have been graciously provided by Allen Chu. 

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