11 MAR 2020

Mighty Fan Feature: Pyron Tan



Give a shoutout to March's Mighty Fan Feature - Pyron Tan! Find him on Instagram @pyrontan and check out the gorgeous shots of his fabulous collection. Bringing his toys out for the perfect shot, or coming up with fun arrangements, his shots never fail to bring a smile to our faces.

Hailing from Singapore, come take a look at some of his top shots and learn more about the mind behind these fun photos!

How long have you been collecting for?

I started collecting since 2000, during my art college days. I’m glad I have made a few good friends along the toy-collecting journey. Jeez! 20 years of toy collecting already!

How many Mighty Jaxx pieces do you have in your collection? Which is your favourite?

Around 20 pieces, excluding the 3-inch tall Micro Anatomic and Hidden Dissectibles. Most of the pieces in my collection are by Jason Freeny.

My current favourites would be the XXRAY+ Elmo Pink and White Edition. I’m really grateful to my friend who hand-carried the white Elmo all the way back from Taiwan. As for the Pink one, I remember I had to rush to the Culture Cartel on its preview night to grab it.

But my favourite piece will change when the Life-Size XXRAY Elmo arrives at my doorstep. LOL!

Which Mighty Jaxx piece are you looking forward to most?

It’s a no-brainer – Life-Size XXRAY Elmo. Size does matter. The BIGGER, the BETTER!! I’m a sucker for big toys, but that also means the hole in my bank account is getting ever bigger…

Which Mighty Jaxx piece do you consider your holy grail?

I would say the Zen Plant by Temple of Skate. I wouldn't call it a toy, but a piece of art. This East-Meets-West sculpture of a skull skater monk will definitely be a great conversation starter. When I saw that it was on back in the MJ vault, I immediately placed an order. It was sold out a few hours later. Phew!

Tell us your Mighty Jaxx story!

My toy-collecting journey began with McFarlane Toys, from Spawns to Tortured Souls – the gorier, the better. Things started to change after I got married. I knew that living dead dolls and Chucky wouldn’t be able to make it to my man cave.

When my wife and I started to scout for “approvable” toys, we chanced upon the XXRAY Plus Elmo. It totally fit the bill – half cute, half dissected. Sadly, I missed the initial release. I paid a reseller price for that.

From then on, I started to follow MJ’s updates religiously. I would like to give a big shout-out to MJ for bringing Jason Freeny to SGCC 2019. I managed to get most of my pieces autographed by the man himself.

And I even scored a photo with him! I really hope to see a XXRAY version of our Singapore’s Singa the Lion. That would be awesome. (Freeny, if you are reading this, pretty please?)


Follow Pyron on Instagram at @pyrontan

All images in this post has been graciously provided by Pyron Tan
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