14 JAN 2022

Meet The Skatehoarding Skater | FLEXX



It’s a new episode of FLEXX and we’re meeting the skatehoarding skater - Kevin Low! Kevin’s phenomenal collection totals up to approximately 300-400 skate decks, featuring classic signature decks by legendary skaters spanning from the 70s-90s and more. Come take a look at his FLEXX and learn more about the man behind this amazing collection!

Kevin was introduced to skating by his friend Anthony back in the 1980s, he got hooked and fell in love with the sport immediately. Borrowing a spare deck from Anthony, he would skate around his estate doing acid drops.

Among Kevin’s collection of skate decks, is a vintage Power Peralta Steve Caballero skateboard. Gifted to Kevin in his 20s, this deck holds a special place in his collection and is one of his prized possessions.


Throughout his skating and collecting journey, Kevin has had the luck of meeting skating legends at various events around the world. One such skater? Duane Peters, a member of the Santa Cruz skateboarding team and singer of the punk rock band U.S. Bombs. On these trips, Kevin has gotten his collection of decks autographed and you can see these signed decks lined up and proudly displayed in his collection.

Kevin finds inspiration in the new generation of skateboarders and skate artists, further driving his love for skating and its subcultures. To Kevin, skating is a lifestyle that’s deeply ingrained in his DNA and he has no intentions of slowing down.


Be sure to check out Kevin’s FLEXX and admire his collection of decks, from Anti Hero to Wes Humpston, and so much more - including a secret stash hidden in his… shoe cabinet?! Watch the full video embedded above.


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